If I had done that I would have no hair on my head! My hair has never looked better! But, she listened to what I had to say and gave me a wonderful shape! I was able not only able to grow my hair, due to lack of hairdresser sabotage, but also able to avoid awkward stages. When I informed DevaCurl about this they stated that they are happy to accept returns and give full refunds if any of their customers have had adverse reactions or are unhappy with the product. phone. In any case, I have since sent many friends there. Meg did a great job cutting my hair! Layoff Date: The salon will be permanently closing effective June 30, 2022 affecting 42 employees. I cannot even begin to say express adequately how incredible these two artists are. Im givin tis stylist a 1 only cuz i felt misled. Worth the $120, Lois in White Plains has given me the most beautiful haircut that I have had since I went curly 10 years ago. The result was beautiful, but not very impressive. I learned a ton of information on cutting and coloring. 329 Lafayette St. So-Hair Beauty Salons in New York, NY. Tip When I called and was told that she books two months out, I knew I'd made the right choice. enid collins purse? Ayesha Mailk's viral YouTube video on why she stopped using DevaCurl inspired thousands of other [+] women to come forward with their story of how DevaCurl ruined their hair. It seems Devachan allows these kinds of mistakes and behavior to persist since they consider themselves THE curly experts. If you already do your own wash and go successfully trust me you can do it better than they can. 78 Brookside Avenue Ste. Go see him down the street! Amazing as usual! I could already see the difference within minutes. . I have to agree with a previous review however, that eventually it became a negative experience. And I got to know another lovely and charming girl with an interesting background. She did not disappoint. Sign up for our newsletter to get more tips and tricks. I changed the way I see hair, I will never blow dry my hair ever again, like Lorraine Massey said, curls are not a trend, it's a lifestyle. He is amazing, i went from loooong curly (almost at the waist) to above the shoulders! Looking forward to the new salon experience in her trusted hands. Stay away from Julie, whatever you do. It overpowered my face making it longer and the texture looked thick and wiry. Participate in product testing surveys discussions etc. He is alittle pricey but the cut, the style and the relaxing message on my scalp was definitely worth the money. 425 Broome St, New York, NY 10013 However, Malik took to her platforms to share her story regardless of what the consequences may be. Susan is lovely -- friendly, low-key, sweet, and really listens when you tell her what you want. After you do business with Devachan Salon, please leave a review to help other people and improve hubbiz. Weve heard you and recognize that any changes to your hair for whatever reason demand a special type of attention that safety tests alone cant address. "I called the number in the window and . A black manager at a DevaCurl brand hair salon says the SoHo location is a hotbed of racism and she was fired after . My curls are soft and bouncy. She explains everything and makes sure she has your permission before doing anything! Keep it simple, stay away from harsh chemicals and let curls do their thing! And then I happened across an online feature about the Devachan Salon. The stylist was very thorough to give a great product sell through the entire cut (did not like the smell of either shampoo and had to wash out the conditioner when I got home for the same reason). She will cut your hair dry, curl by curl, and if it takes an hour (as did mine), so much the better because you will never feel more the focus of another's person's attention than you will when Ana is cutting your hair. The salon became so popular that they launched a product line that claims to be free of harsh ingredients and . Your hair will look like a cascade of ribbons. The salon has a very calming atmosphere. But I'd reached a certain age where you start to think about streamlining your operation. Prior to going to Devachan, I had had my hair cut by three different Deva trained (one day course) stylists over a four and a half year period, as well as having trimmed my hair following the directions in _Curly Girl: The Handbook_. Another amazing cut from Rosie. I was sitting there for well over 50 min before I had to flag someone down. Dennielle. Jo began her business slowly at first. She said that my one-length hair wasn't doing anything for me, and asked me if she could cut a bit shorter and layer to bring out the curl. To her credit the length was kept in a one inch patch at the nape of my neck. Had high expectations, Rick had a 2 minute consultation with me and wanted to give me the old fashioned cut, short in the back and longer on sides, I wasn't having it, so he snipped away for two minutes then handed me off. SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, && COMMENT!! We're committed to bringing positive change to our curl community and the world. (Up until the last minute during styling, the young lady doing my hair looked so confused when I told her I don't use the products). The salon itself was awesome with a cheery vibe and everybody refers to you by name not Ms. which give you a more friendly feel. What's up with that? People say I'm loyal to a fault but when you find someone who doesn't make your curly hair look like a ball of frizz you stick with him! when i first got to the salon Rachel greeted me and made me feel so comfortable she actally listened to what i had to say! So I'd recommend him if you have big bucks because he's good and above decent but for absolute perfection perhaps elsewhere. OMG i looked great afterwards, i really did look different. Nevila listened well to my concerns, discussed them with me, offered suggestions, and gave me an absolutely brilliant cut. I have 3B curls. Lois has always been the consummate professional so it isn't a surprise she has moved on. I went to Lois the other day for a shaping and also for a hair trial. The cut was better, the products work better for my hair and have less "bad stuff" in them (chemicals, sulfates, etc) and I liked the styling better. She took the time to analyze my bone structure and then inform me of the type of style that would look best with it. The longest layer on the top of my head is 2 and 5/8 inches when it is pulled straight. Thumbs up! Okay, and how do I go about doing that? DevaChan Salon at 220 West 79th Street is closing, they announced in an email to customers. Your hair journey is a metaphor for life. Never have i had such a great experience. I showed him the picture of the style n wanted and he said that wasnt my hair texture so we'll c wat we can do. I walk out looking like Shirley Temple with way too much product in my hair. Figured I needed to spend some money to get a good base cut for my wavy hair, but this cut was a great disappointment. The Deva universe began in 1994 with the opening of the first Devachan salon in New York City. It was barely even a cut! I am hooked on the Deva experience and I recommend Mia very highly. As a global leader in curl education, were here for you. Although I went to the one located on Broom Street, I can definitely share the same great experience everyone else has had here on naturallycurly.com. FYI - Jeffrey from Devachan has moved to John Dellaria. There are many other better (& cheaper) options. Thankfully nick came back and finished it off for me and apologized but it the trip ended rather disappointing for me. She was not at all bothered by the fact that I didn't want to get my hair washed (I am allergic to stuff in the Deva hair products) or try any of the products. Ever! My sister recommended her to me and it was a fabulous experience. She instantly put me at ease as we settled into her work station. He clearly cares about his clients and wants them to be happy. Anyway, who is the best at cutting hair in the Soho . Reviewed on 07.30.18. The No-poo and One Condition left my hair softer than it has ever been in my life. I'm latina so I was really happy with Helik, cause he speaks spanish, and was able to explain everything to me excellent. this time i decided to go further in my curly quest and finally get color. When some of you first raised concerns about our products, we were laser-focused on our testing as the best way to confirm their safety and quality. Larry does my color and he is spectacular. Julie was just great, she immediately knew what i wanted and did what she could to save whatever length of hair that was left. A enid spca. If you go make sure you work with someone who takes are of you. They added me to their list of influencers - even though I didnt have any followers at the time. Advice: I am a young woman with kinky-curly 3C-4A hair. Problem is for a $100 haircut you want to be 100% happy. Until then, I won't let anyone touch my hair other than the staff at Devachan :) They are talented, knowledgable and very kind. We explained how she envisioned my style, and what products I should be using. Her hair is wavy. Well, I took the three hour drive after being inspired by the Curly Girl book and products to get my hair cut at Devachan. I have been looking forward to it for more than two weeks and I was so excited about it, I couldn't even sleep last night. I hope to make regular trips - or find someone in Kentucky - to continue caring for my hair the RIGHT way! Protect, revive or reset your waves, curls, or coils with confidence. Were committed to bringing positive change to our curl community and the world. She was nice enough and followed the direction of the ill-mannered Antonio (supposedly a senior colorist). No one was hiding from the fact that they had curls. I didnt know what to expect--i'd never been to a salon before. Formerly from Devachan White Plains 8 yrs + Devachan B'way-Broome-Culver City-79th St. When I walked to the front desk to pay at the end, even they looked like "did she have her hair done yet?" and thats hard to come around. When I asked her to stop after two cuts) I told her I wanted to keep my length and was still growing it longer (I thought she didnt hear me the first time). Rosie is the most amazing stylist I have EVER met! Jackie was my stylist, and although she insisted on keeping my hair longer than I had originally intended, the shape of my hair is so much better than it was before! He and his assistant gave me such great tips on how to take better care of my hair, especially because I have patches on the crown that don't want to curl much at all. it stayed curly and wonderful. Three salons in NY. Melissa knows how to cut curly hair very well and doesn't cut too much, which is great. So, I went to DevaChan after a lot of consideration and trepidation. Devachan Salon The menu includes hair, and spa. If you decide to go, do yourself a favor and choose someone else to cut and style your hair. That quickly changed for Malik and about two weeks ago Malik took to her YouTube channel to share why she stopped using Deva Curl. Part of my dissatisfaction may come from the fact that after many years Jackie has come to spend 15 minutes cutting my hair and doesn't offer ideas or observations except to point out where it is too bulky, which is obvious. ), and that my hair had so much more potential. What are you looking for? One time I was 35 mins. i'ved used a few people at devachan. Rob did a fantastic job reshaping my hair to give it body and allow it to maintain its length. Her cut was cute and she loved it. Alex Leo March 4, 2010. The conversation, getting to know this other human and when I see them light up, feeling like an even better version of themselves. Maybe I just need another stylist, but the cost makes me doubtful about giving it a try. They actually managed to style and cut my hair in a way to bring some of my natural curl back to life. I know that he would never allow me to walk away unhappy OR looking foolish. My first real curly haircut and I feel amazing. Keith is the best. Also see photos and tips from visitors. I wanted to keep the length but have great layers to show off my curls. Both times I went I left looking egg-shaped, and this most recent time Luciana went scissor-happy and chopped off most of my hair!! They tutor you on how to take care of curly hair and recommend products and applications to improve hair quality, but sometimes I wished the young lady would be quiet so I could fully enjoy my experience. I turned to Devachan Salon in Soho, which offers more than the usual haircutthe Devachan experience is an education in caring for curly hair, with its own philosophy. (and my hair smells like apple!):D. Curly girls all over the world have sworn by their products, but unfortunately many of these curly girls woke up in a what many of them claim to be a nightmare.. Thats why were partnering with medical professionals, dermatologists, industry experts, professional stylists, and members of our curl community to better address your needs and concerns. Fortunately, one of the other staff felt my pain and directed me to Ellen, a junior stylist ($70). It was a great experience. Beauty standards are no exception. I must say, I was not disappointed. Not that she was sorry and sad to hear about my poor experience as a loyal customer. Luckily for me I was able to meet her, she complimented by hair and loved, even took a picture of it to add it to her book, I was so pleased and she is a beautiful person overall, and her book is wonderful as well!!! It was love at first No Poo! The salon was busy and Julie was busy too. For many years I have been a client of Carlos of Devachan in NYC and I couldn't wait for the new salon in White Plains NY to open up so I could set up an appointment. All the stylists and receptionists had beautiful curly hair. I read "the book" (Curly girl) years ago and got great results. Just because she is a junior stylist doesn't mean anything. Devachan Salon website. Unlike other reviews I saw he never asked me what products I use or anything. Devachan's patented, award-winning hair painting technique, both unique and innovative, was designed to replace conventional highlighting. Join me as I head to the DEVACHAN Salon in SoHo nyc for my very first DEVACUT with stylist Nevila! I was pissed to say the least. Level 1 Inspired Deva Inspired Stylist. Definitely recommend this place and Judy! I flew to NY to have my hair cut at this salon after reading the curly girl book and reading all of the reviews on this site. The damage has been done. I will have to suffer through the humiliation of this hair cut for the next year until it finally grows out. I find the products to be very good, and makes my routine more consistent than having a myriad of brands. What more validation do you really need than a broad white space filled with gorgeous women who are crowned with every imaginable color and texture and length of curly hair? i have not highlighted my hair in 10 years but Charles did a beautiful job highlighting my dark brown hair with some subtle highlights. Expensive but worth it. The second Julie took a look at it, she freaked out. This was my first experience at Devachan salon in Soho, and I must say that I am very impressed with the quality of this salon. It was well worth it! Each curl is individually shaped and the style is based on the individual. And it doesn't hurt that I love her hair, curly, thick, dark, shiney. See Map. Thank you Christopher. I've just made the decision to grow out my relaxed hair to my natural curls and I'm really excited to continue this process with these two stylists. Specialties Deva method of cutting hair Color using their patented hair painting technique. You should be on the phone. That number was going to exponentially grow if I didnt say anything. I would definitely go back to her and would recommend Melanie to anyone willing to spend only $80 bucks. Deva Curl asked if I wanted to get on a phone call with them. I called the salon the next day and was told that i was valued as a customer and a manager would call me with a resolution the next day or the saturday coming up. I could have gone back to a shorter look, but I was able to trim it lightly enough myself to counteract that, and still hoped that someone who really knows the method could produce even better results. It was the first time I've ever left a Salon with a style that I can actually wear without pulling my hair back. Not once have I gotten a bad, or even mediocre cut, from him. The pandemic made it too hard to operate so they're consolidating operations at their Soho location. my cousin had been saying for awhile I needed to cut my waist long curly hair for awhile and when I finally agreed the 1st thing she said was: were going to a place where the curlies go! All in all, my experience at Devachan was wonderful. This is a placeholder I r. Come in, have a seat and tell them everything. Both she and the woman who washed and helped to style my hair gave me a lot of instruction. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, call (212) 274-8686 for devachan salon soho. But even if they didnt pay me or had any association at me, I still would have been talking about the products because it was all I used from my college days. She told me not to worry, that she was giving me lots of layers without losing the length. No brushing. I would recommend her to anyone looking to try a new stylist at Devachan- she is very talented and I will be sure to book my next appointment with her. He's always booked and not so friendly but worth the $150. From wavy to super curly, the beauty of this service is the customized design for every client. I felt like I looked 10 years younger after her cut. They leave me sitting there waiting to be styled. It wasn't just a haircut appointment, it was a learning experience, and worth every penny! If your thinking about growing out your relaxer, try this salon! Was very personable. Thank you for the gift of beauty that I never thought I could have again. New York City Devachan Soho Salon stylist Latoya Moore @curlcutz_latoya. He also did a great job with my deva set as he used a new styling foam which left me with beautiful curls. First off, she insulted me by saying that the cut I already had (which had grown out and was the reason why I made the appointment) resembled a mullet. He did my ionic softening last week and it was the best thing that he ever recommended me doing, my hair is now easier to control and is not straight at all just slightly looser. Since I started following her advice, my hair is healthier and easier than it's ever been. Jackie told me how to take care of my hair and how to style. One small part of my hair was uneven and he fixed it for me before I left. I loved the salon. Stylist: Christopher I took my 6 year old daughter in for her 1st real hair cut and to remove all the heat and chemical damage from her hair. Julia Rose, a stylist in the Broome St. location, cut 6+ inches when I asked for a rounded trim and to keep the length. Nobody has ever done such a thorough consultation with me before. Easily remedied: before I left I asked Ana to recommend a colorist-- she named Esmerelda, and I booked that appointment before I ran for the subway. FYI I. Lois Stoeffhaas now work @ Vasken Salon (914) 285-0800 White Plains 10601 Fri-Wed + Edris Salon (212) 989-6800 Flatiron Dist NYC 10011 Thurs: 12-8PM. My only "con" if any, is the high price tag. I was amazed!! My usual experiences with salons consisted of getting my hair blown and ironed straight and cut. He said "so tell me everything" when I sat down; with no real reference as to what he wanted me to say. Instead of the typical straight across cut she was literally creating art. I'm so glad a friend suggested I go! A racquetball racquets string, Dkny soho jeans, back basics soho toaster? Malik officially stopped using the products in August 2019. That, along with my awesome hair, is how I know that she really wants my hair to be as healthy as it can be, and she's not just trying to get me to buy expensive shampoo. We've recommended Jeffrey at the Beehive (though a commenter disagreed . I've always hated my hair, and hated that the only way to make it look 1/2 way decent was to blow it out. I HIGHLY recommend Devachan Salon in White Plains NY for people who can't get to the salon in NYC or don't want to go into the city. Thank you Devachan! This method captures and defines the movement and dynamism of each curl, allowing the colorist the freedom to trust their own artistic eye, creating the perfect harmony and balance between tone and shape, light and shadow. On February 11th they released a blog post on their website stating the following: Nothing is more important to us than you. Don't walk to Devachan, run! I used to wear my hair to work in a ponytail everyday. Curly girls- never dread the salon again. Three salons in NY. Dennielle . Malik had always promoted the products, but only got paid to do it twice along with one meet and greet. So much time and attention was given. She said she wanted to understand my likes, dislikes and together we could find a look that we both felt good about. After the wash, mike took me n put me under the dryer . Long story short. I have been blowing my super-fine hair straight since i was 12 yrs old. Let me preface this by saying that I was super nervous before going to Devachan. Upon arriving . Finally !! We will continue to share updates.. This luxurious customized service begins with a botanical-infused cleansing and conditioning of your curls, followed by a styling and coaching session to help you care for your curls at home. The experience was very nice and the majority of the staff were all very polite and very friendly. My service went over for two reasons, 1. my stylist Navila was scheduled another client during my haircut as i saw her working on someone else so she wasn't available to help me 2. And it shows in the final result! The stylist will cut your hair while dry, one curl at a time "curl by curl" following each curls particular needs. I exchanged my winter coat for an elegant silky robe, was given a champange flute glass filled with water and I waited patiently for Maryann. She didnt cut that much, but it was how she cut it. She gave me great advice without making me feel bad, which solved the oily looking hair problem, and has since given me other great advice to keep my hair detangled. Why are you still reading this? When I arrived, the salon was completely packed. Not only is he a great stylist, he's also funny, professional and has a sense of humor. You can unsubscribe at any time. If you have a chance to check out Devachan salon in Soho, please do so. France, and England before coming to Devachan in 1995. She destroyed hair that took nine moths to grow. Perfect for dry curls, this unique, deep conditioning treatment with cupuacu, murumuru and cocoa butters immerses curls in rich hydration.

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